Access to Fiber Optics: Why Do An Eligibility Test?

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Access to Fiber Optics: Why Do An Eligibility Test?

This statistic underlines the importance of the Internet in the life of the French. But to access it, you will need to subscribe to the services of an ISP. These precisely offer the connection to optical fiber, preceded by an eligibility test. Why this alternative solution and what is this test for?

Today, most households and businesses are racing to optic fiber. According to the regulatory authority for electronic communications and press distribution (tm pakej internet), 52%  of households have subscribed to it. Why such an interest?

Even more speed

Originally, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) used the ADSL connection to route the signal to users. The maximum speed of this technology is 15 Mbit / s. Over time, this speed was no longer suited to the needs of businesses and households that required increasingly large volumes of data. It was then that the coaxial cable connection was found as a solution. This offers a maximum speed of 800 Mbit / s, which is still far from meeting market requirements. The fiber optic connection ended up establishing itself, from 2007, as the most efficient alternative. It offers 1 Gbit / s, sufficient speed to process all types of files in record time.

Mode of operation

Optical fiber is in the form of a plastic or glass wire, used to carry a light wave at high speed. This is confined in a silica core covered with a sheath. This device prevents any disturbance, so as to preserve the quality of the signal, despite the distance traveled. Such a bitrate quality therefore makes it possible to benefit from ultra-HD and 3D streams and to set up home automation, for example.

Fiber optic connection: the essential eligibility test

ISP services via optical fiber do not cover the whole of France. This is why the future user must take certain measures to ensure the proper functioning of his installations. Among these, the eligibility test.

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