Different Types Of Branding

branding in Malaysia

Different Types Of Branding

Every brand has its own branding. And branding is really important in the world of business because it is what makes our brand different from other brands. Just like many types of brands, there are also different types of branding and that is why we also have branding in Malaysia

branding in Malaysia

Different types of branding have different ways of promoting their brand, it all depends on the brand itself on what strategy they chose for their brand. Here are some of the types of branding that you need to know. 

Personal Branding 

What is personal branding? It is exactly what we think it is. It is actually how we promote ourselves right in the public. Most of the time we can see the example of personal branding in celebrities because we can see how they put a label on themselves and they’ll promote this. Most of the time, personal brands they’ll use social media or face-to-face interaction with others. And they will have these uniques personalities that set them apart from everyone and this is what attracts others to follow them. 

Product Branding 

Product branding is when we use a product to promote them, using their tagline or something unique about their products. For product branding, the target is to attract the interest of your targetted customers and ways on how to do that. Maybe by posting ads about your product on their social media and slowly attracting their curiosity and interest for your brand. The most important thing about product branding is how your logo, your font, and everything will attract your targetted customers. 

Service Branding 

To brand out your services you need to be able to think outside the box and be creative because it’s not as easy as product branding or self-branding. When branding out the services you want to make sure that your services are what the people need and want. Like, food delivery services or cleaning services. All of these services are something that will be easy for the customer’s life. They want easy, quick, and efficient services. 

Retail Branding 

When we go out to window shop, we would usually be attracted to enter the store that has the most unique style and design for their store right? This is what we called as retail branding, it is when a retail shop brands their brand by making their shop look unique and different. Having some sort of theme or style for your retail shop will attract the interest and curiosity of the customers. That is why we can see some retail shops have different designs and styles while big brand retail shops have a specific design that their customers will immediately recognize. 

Online  Branding 

As the term indicates, online branding is branding that actually happens online. Unlike different kinds of branding, such as personal or product branding, online branding is a general term that includes all types of online branding. It’s how someone promotes themselves on social media, the types of online advertisements a company runs, and all of the design decisions that go into email newsletters, landing sites, responsive web design, and automated message answers.

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