How To Decide On A College Degree Program

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How To Decide On A College Degree Program

Many university students today realized they have taken the wrong path since day one because they were not given the opportunity to follow their dreams, rather, their choices were long dictated by their parents. It is not uncommon to see students of a medical program stressing out because that is not what they are truly fond of but their parents’ dreams. It is of paramount significance that we pursue our dreams because that is the only way we can make full use of all resources granted to us. Suppose you are looking forward to enrolling in a college degree program, here are some steps you can follow. 

Recognize Your Expertise

All of us are bestowed with something really special upon birth, but it may not be easy for us to identify what exactly that attribute is. Before you graduate high school, take your time and explore whatever opportunities given to you. That is the greatest way for you to identify what you are really good at, which is to try out everything and see what you can do best. There are no shortcuts to this, so it is all about trial and error. If you are fond of marketing and communication, pursue them.

Impressing Others Is Not Important

Many students chose the wrong path by going for the course that usually is more socially recognized, such as medical, law, finance, computer science, and so on when their expertise is more toward the art field. At the very end of the day, they suffer over what they have chosen just because they wanted to impress the people around them. I can most especially relate to this for I was so close to choosing something I do not find myself doing in the future. Luckily I made up my mind before it was too late, and now I am genuinely enjoying what I am doing. 


Other than the above two, ask yourself what you truly love, and what you can see yourself working as in the future. We know best about our own interests compared to any other people. You may go around asking for suggestions and advice but it is completely up to you whether you want to take their words. Preferably you follow what you are fond of.

Also, remember to consider whether you want to reside in a rental house during your time studying in Batu 9th Cheras. On the other hand, if you are capable of purchasing one entire unit all to yourself in Batu 9th Cheras, you can. It all depends on your financial capability for the time being. 

Long Story Short

In a nutshell, follow what your heart desires, not what others told you to, because one day you will realize none of their opinion matters. Because people are prone to advising according to their agenda and dreams they cannot accomplish themselves. They are basically prompting you to accomplish their dreams, not yours. 

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