How To Pledge

How to Pledge

So you’ve decided to save lives and do your bit to be a safer Malaysian driver, but what next?

It’s simple: all you need to do is submit your pledge with your name and email address for Malaysians Unite for Road Safety 090909 via video, photo, text or SMS. You can choose either one of these methods, or go crazy and submit using all four ways!

The following are the Rules & Regulations. Please read them before submitting your pledges. We reserve the right to remove pledges that do not conform to the rules and regulations:

  1. Pledge submissions should in English or Bahasa Malaysia only.
  2. All forms of pledges SHOULD NOT contain:
    1. Any copyrighted material not in the public domain or for which you have not obtained the rights to use;
    2. 3rd party voice-overs for which you have not obtained the rights to use;
    3. 3rd party stock photography or artwork for which you have not obtained the rights to use;
    4. Nudity, lewd or vulgar behavior; offensive language and/or gestures; and
    5. Off topic subjects that do not have anything to do with the MUFORS campaign.
  3. Once submitted, MUFORS reserves the right to use your submission on any of its correlating websites (ie. Facebook). MUFORS also reserves the right to remove your submission on the website without prior notice.
  4. Participants can submit as many videos, photos, SMS or text pledges as they like.
    • For video pledges: Upload your pledge clip to YouTube (you may need to register there first) and submit the YouTube link to your clip to us here.
    • For photo pledges: feel free to use any form of visible signage to communicate your pledge. Alternatively, you may download a pledge template here – print it out, write your pledge on it and snap a picture! Submit your image (JPEG only, 100kb or less in size) here.
    • For SMS pledges: Send your SMS pledge in the following format to 32324. A 65 sen charge applies. MUFORS <space> (Your Name) <space> PLG <space> (Your pledge message).

      For example,
      MUFORS johndoe PLG I pledge to not answer calls while I’m driving.
    • For text pledges: key in your text pledge, in 500 characters or less, in the text box here.

Your pledges can be as creative as possible but most importantly, do remember to honour your pledges come 090909 and hopefully, for the rest of your life.

The best five video and photo pledges will receive a PLUSmiles card worth RM500, and the best five text pledges will receive a PLUSmiles card worth RM300.

Ready? Submit your pledge now!

Malaysians Unite for Road Safety (MUFORS) 090909