5 Effective Roof Guttering Tips

5 Effective Roof Guttering Tips

Maintaining your roof gutters is one of the most important things you can do for your house. Not only will it keep your house safe during severe rains and storms, but it will also keep secondary problems like bugs and mold at bay. When roof gutter maintenance is inadequate or non-existent, it provides the ideal environment for a variety of issues such as leakage and clogging. Roof gutter maintenance may seem to be a time-consuming job, but it is really a fairly easy procedure if you know how to do it properly. If you don’t want to climb up on a ladder or on the roof, you can always contact roof guttering to perform the work for you. If you want to tackle the task of cleaning your rain gutters, here are 5 efficient and reliable strategies to remember.

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Safety First When It Comes to Roof Guttering

Make sure you have all of the essential safety equipment before you begin cleaning your roof gutters. You’ll need thick work gloves to protect your hands, particularly if your rain gutters are constructed of metal and have sharp edges or pieces jutting out. Wear safety eyewear as well as non-slip shoes. You’re now ready to ascend the ladder, but first make sure it’s on an equal surface. If at all feasible, have someone below you keep the ladder in place at all times. Keep your hips between the rails at all times, and never lean over the edges or work on the final two steps of the ladder. If there are electricity lines nearby or if your rain gutters are more than a storey high, you should contact a professional rain gutter specialist.

Keep Your Roof Gutters Clean

Making rain gutter repair a regular habit can extend the life of both the rain gutters and the outside of your house. There are certain instances when maintenance should be done on a more frequent basis. If you live in a wet region, you should conduct maintenance as often as possible since rain gutters may clog quicker, overflow, and the weight of the water can loosen them. You may clear debris using your hands, a shovel, or a hose. When you’re finished, use a hose to rinse out your rain gutters to ensure that water is properly drained.

Clean Your Roof

Again, safety comes first. Never go on the roof if it is wet, ice, or there are high winds. If the weather permits, use a rake to clean the roof of leaves and other debris so that the following rainstorm does not pull them into the rain gutters and clog them.

Check for Holes, Leaks, and Rust

Inspect your rain gutters once they have been cleaned. Examine the rain gutter joints for indications of leakage and corrosion. If you discover any holes, the best option is to repair them using metal flashing or a rain gutter patching kit purchased at a home improvement shop. If the holes are extremely tiny or the joints are leaking, you may need to caulk or apply a sealant to the joints. If you see rust, it is likely that your rain gutters need to be replaced. Consider upgrading to rust-free rain gutters made of aluminum, vinyl, or copper.

Check Your Drain pipe 

Check drains for rust, leaks, and clogging, and, most importantly, ensure they extend many feet away from your house. If required, downspout extenders may be installed to ensure that water does not drain too near to the foundation.

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