Internet Relationship with Marketing Materials

Internet Relationship with Marketing Materials

As the title suggests, there are opportunities to develop relationships with the use of the Internet. This is a way to identify relationships between organizations that can be improved using E-commerce techniques. It should also be emphasized that E-commerce is not only beneficial for companies that conduct online trading but can be used to connect almost all types of companies. Even local companies that sell food to locals can pay by devoting some time and resources to Internet mail, quickly becoming an essential tool for everyone hoping to do business around the world. This is not only a form of relationship with friends but also used by businesses to stay in touch with business partners.

The fast speed of internet calling means that anyone can find a large number of potential providers and compare their services and prices from the convenience of their desktop computer. At the very least, suppliers who choose not to list their information on the Internet may lose the opportunity to be seen by important potential customers. 12Paul Phillips (2003, 35) recognizes the opportunity to use web technology as a method of enhancing collaboration between organizations. He explains that organizations share certain business processes. He continued to demonstrate this using existing web technology; companies can experience “huge benefits”. This is a bold statement that needs further analysis.

It is true that the internet is a useful way to share information among business partners, but is that necessary? Companies can also communicate via phone calls. Some people think that asking a quick question to someone is faster than surfing the World Wide Web. This is an excellent point, but in the view of this study, this type of personal relationship is just as important as the use of Internet collaboration to keep operations running smoothly. For example, Paul Phillips (2003, pp. 35-37) goes on to describe how in this new Millennium the Internet is now used to coordinate electronic data between suppliers. Coordination with suppliers, used by third-party organizations in the past, can now be done automatically over the internet.

These are relevant points that should not be overlooked, especially as developments in software mean there are many ways businesses connect. For example, many companies today have online databases from their stores. They no longer use the “rough idea” of what is in their warehouse, and they also don’t store everything on a simple computer spreadsheet. Instead, they developed the idea of ​​E-commerce to make their inventory available on the Internet so that their suppliers can easily view and browse. This gives providers the information they need to know what, when, and in what quantities to supply. In this way, letting suppliers make purchasing decisions for them after specifying certain rules and parameters agreed on by both parties is a prime example of how useful the Internet and the E-commerce world can be to save time and resources.

As technology evolves, new and innovative methods for leveraging the Internet are discovered. Companies that connect with the advantages of using the internet will continue to be more effective. However, it is necessary to emphasize the previous statement that direct personal relationships are just as important. The smooth running of the online system is through direct contact (e.g. telephone connections etc.) This is again connected to the CRM. Without the periodic exchange of information and high emphasis on feedback, it is almost impossible to ensure that the automated system runs at optimal performance; Companies that want to establish a permanent relationship with their customers can achieve this by creating reading material. This can come in the form of a simple monthly newsletter or a weekly email distributed among customers. 

The small attitude of the company can be effective anywhere between the minimum and large enough. At least because newsletters can be easily ignored and almost largely because they can be easily seen by customers or business partners; Therefore, the information it contains can be very important. Businesses can improve customers’ habits by letting them know about other products or services they offer. Without some form of information media, it is almost impossible to inform a client or customers of other business opportunities among them. For this purpose, most large companies, especially international businesses, operate their regular magazines. These journals often contain useful information about the business sector the company is involved in while entering information about other products and services. Therefore, Time home fibre Malaysia to get the fastest speed internet in Malaysia to utilize the relationship of the internet with marketing material to make your business progressed.  Time 100mbps Malaysia is one of the best plans you can get in this country for an affordable price.

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