Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of this campaign and site?
    Every day 18 lives are lost on Malaysian roads due to road mishaps. This is an excessive and alarming statistic which can, and must, change. And that change starts with all of us. Through this public campaign, we want to appeal to you as a responsible individual and affect the change from inside-out. In conjunction with Malaysians Unite for Road Safety Day 090909 we are encouraging people to pledge to themselves — specifically on Wednesday, the 9th of September, 2009 between the hours of 9:00am-to-9:00pm — to discard those habits that contribute to our unsafe roads. Our fervent hope is for this 12-hour pledge to turn into a lifetime of change.
  2. How can I participate?
    1. You can pledge (and please keep your promise on 090909) via:
      1. Text, on this website; e.g. “On 090909 I pledge to not SMS People while I’m driving.” Click here to pledge via text.
      2. SMS, by texting your pledge with the following format to 32324. A 65 sen charge applies. MUFORS<space>NAME<space>PLG<space>(Your pledge message).

        For example,
        MUFORS johndoe PLG I pledge to not answer calls while I’m driving.

        Your pledge will join the ranks of the text pledges submitted via this site.
      3. Photo pledge; e.g. capture an image containing your pledge and upload it to this website (image format JPEG, size < 100 kilobytes). Click here to submit a photo pledge.
      4. Video pledge; e.g. capture a creative video (<30 seconds, upload it to YouTube), and link it here. Click here to pledge via Youtube video.
    2. You can take part in our online poll.
    3. You can tell your friends, family and co-workers
      1. Forward them this link.
      2. Talk about this campaign on Facebook.
      3. Link to this site on your blog or post about this site on discussion boards you frequent.
    4. You can check out other people’s pledges on this website and encourage your friends, family and co-workers to also visit check out the pledges.
  3. How much will I be charged for my SMS pledge?
    65 sen. This amount is to facilitate network and gateway charges only.
  4. Will I be charged for the other forms of pledges?
    Absolutely not. Text, photo and video pledges are free of charge.
  5. Can I pledge more than once and in different formats?
    Certainly. The important thing is to honour your pledge(s) on 090909 between the hours of 9:00am-to-9:00pm. And then make it a lifetime habit.
  6. Who is behind this campaign?
    You are. Although this is a corporate social responsibility campaign sponsored by a Malaysian company, the company is more than happy to share ownership with the people of Malaysia.
  7. When does the campaign start and end?
    This website will begin accepting pledges via text, SMS, photo and video from August 10th 2009 to Sept 9th 2009. After the period, the pledges and this site will remain online for the rest of the year as a reminder.
  8. What will happen at the end of the campaign period?
    On 090909, between the hours of 9:00am to 9:00pm, we hope that everyone will honour their pledges and create a safer Malaysia on the roads. There will also be some offline activities organized to observe 090909. You can get the updates here.
  9. Will this campaign be held again next year?
    It has not been decided yet, but it will certainly depend on the success of this year’s campaign.
  10. What will happen to my pledge(s) at the end of the campaign?
    It will remain on this site as a reminder for the rest of the year. And depending on the quality of the pledges, some may be adopted and used as public service announcements for road safety. The pledge owner will be contacted prior to that to obtain consent.
  11. How will you measure the success of this campaign?
    The campaign’s success is entirely in your hands. The most significant thing that you can do to help improve road safety is to make a pledge and to remain committed to it. Encouraging your family, friends and co-workers to do the same will also go a long way towards making our roads safer for all.
  12. Does this campaign have the support of the Government?
    This campaign is in support of the Government’s continuous efforts to reduce mishaps and enhance the safety of Malaysian roads. But most important of all is your support towards making our roads safer for all.
Malaysians Unite for Road Safety (MUFORS) 090909