Oil Companies Must Lead The Climate Change Initiatives 

Oil Companies Must Lead The Climate Change Initiatives 

The world depends on oil and gas. They need services like altus malaysia services, they need the big giants of oil and gas in the middle east and the world needs them for their giant oil trading hubs. Whether a country produces oil or not, we cannot economically sustain without it. The changes in oil and gas prices are impactful for the whole world.

However, the oil and gas industry is no longer painted as the life savior industry anymore. It was a major breakthrough for the revolution once upon a time, but people are now looking for a new turning point for the oil industry.

If anything, the pandemic has only pushed people to turn the unsustainability and climate change contribution of the oil and gas industry. Giants and masterminds behind the industry had to take great consideration into how to change their industry to make eco-friendly choices, and save the world, and decline the exploratory effects of climate change.

We now agree and clearly see that technology is more than capable of switching the industry to a friendlier place for the world. Plants don’t have to die, species don’t have to be extinct, polar bears don’t have to suffer, ice caps don’t have to melt, temperatures don’t have to rise and low lying islands do not have to be at risk of going underwater because of the actions of oil companies.

So what changes should we expect to see from the oil companies in the near future? If it is up to the environmentalists and entrepreneurs of the world, we would instantly switch the world to survive on renewable sources of energy. We will have solar panels installed everywhere all over the world. We will depend on hydroelectric power and drive electric scooters. But of course, we don’t live in such a make-believe world. We live in a world where progress takes time. Right now we are limited on time, so oil companies are under a lot of pressure to make quick changes and lead the climate change initiatives for the betterment of the environment. 

investing in solar energy

Many oil companies are making their energy transition to solar energy and investing in building solar energy plants for their business. Major oil giants such as Shell are currently in the way of building a solar plant that can potentially reduce carbon emissions by hundreds of thousands every year. 

Investing in natural gas alternatives

There are several natural gas alternatives such as propane and biomass as well as solar energy. Biomass is a rather attractive form of fuel source since it has a remarkably lowered carbon emission compared to others. It is relatively accessible and easy to produce and it is renewable. But of course, the world has a long way to go before making biomass an easy and accessible option for consumers because it is more expensive. Consumer adoption of such alternatives will take a significant amount of time. 

There are so many other energy transitions on the way such as investing in renewable sources of energy, making processes greener and friendly, increasing the number of solar plants, hydrogen use, and carbon capture to reduce carbon emissions. 

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