Social Media And Advertising During Lockdown

Social Media And Advertising During Lockdown

It is a no brainer that advertisements play an important role for most business companies to continue their business. By making others more aware of their brand, these companies are able to attract the attention of even larger companies which will be able to significantly enhance their business opportunities. As time passes, more companies are able to operate outside of their country of origin while attracting more potential customers. With the rapid advancement of technology recently, the internet has never been more vast than before.  Everyone has access to almost anything as long as they have the internet and smartphones in their palm, from cat videos and TV shows to news and information. With the introduction of social media, people spend their time even more on their smartphones to virtually communicate with their family and friends while posting photos of nonsensical stuff that would attract the attention of their friends.

As coronavirus becomes more threatening across the globe, people are forced to stay at home and the economy regresses, affecting businesses which forces them to close for good or reduce the amount of employees they can have in a company in order to continue their business. Because of that, unemployed citizens are struggling to generate income to sustain their family to purchase necessity items. Additionally, most people are struggling to find entertainment from staying at home everyday as they feel bored from browsing through the same social media platforms everyday. However, this is a business opportunity for companies to advertise their products online more effectively as social media users are more exposed to online advertisements than before.

In recent years, business companies view more online marketing social media Malaysia has to offer. They seek the advice of these companies to help them understand the trends that are popular throughout the internet while developing a business plan to fully utilize the internet to attract more potential clients and consumers. In addition to helping smaller companies to gain more recognition, social media offers more potential for smaller companies to earn profit by providing unique services that can be exclusively be accessible by the internet. Social marketing companies offer business companies their services to help them develop their websites and create attractive websites that will suit their needs. As social media users are exposed more to these advertisements, the more likely they are to purchase advertised products.

As technology continues to advance, business companies must constantly adapt to the changes if they want to continue surviving in the modern world. Besides developing websites, companies should implement the usage of advanced technology to further enhance their productivity and work efficiency. Norm Designhaus, an interior design company, is one of, if not, the only company to use virtual reality to allow clients or anyone who visits their website to view their previous projects, which allows for more detailed observations than just viewing their pictures. As augmented reality becomes a “reality” in the future, it can be used for both commercial and casual use more that anyone can take advantage of. 

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