Websites That Can Help You During Online Classes

Unifi 300mbps

Websites That Can Help You During Online Classes

Now that we all are attending classes via an online platform it can get pretty hard for us to keep track of everything. But with the help of these websites, we are able to stay on track with our studies. To make sure that you are able to access all of these websites you need to make sure that you have a strong Internet connection and if you don’t you can install an Unifi 300mbps to your home. 

 Unifi 300mbps

Here are some of the helpful websites for your online classes. 


With all of the assignments, presentation, and test that we have, it can get pretty confusing. To make sure that you are always aware of your responsibility and stay on track with all of your studies, you can use this website as a reminder website and your to-do list. This website is really easy for you to use because they have already prepared a template for your to-do list and once you have finished your task you can simply tick it off. This way, you will not miss any important tasks that you need to do. 


Making your presentation slides using basic and plain templates can be boring. To spice it up, you can explore Canva and see all of the different and unique templates that you can use for your presentation. Not only that, but they have plenty of free templates for everything like posters, pamphlets, and other things. By using this you can take your presentation slides to the next level and it’ll be easier for you and everyone to understand it better. 


Studying for your upcoming test is stressful especially when you have to cramp in all of the syllabus that you have learned in one night. With the help of Koofers, you can study for your upcoming exams or test more efficiently. They have plenty of practice tests, study guides, and also flashcards for different subjects. Remember it is important for you to study smart instead of study hard. 


The main distraction, while we are studying, is our phones. It’s like every minute we need to check our phones to see if there’s any new notification and instead of minutes, we will spend ours scrolling down all of our social media. Well, to avoid this type of distraction you can get help from this website where it will block all of the websites and applications that can and might distract us while we are focusing to study. 

The Online Writing Lab 

Having to write tons of essays without any grammar or spelling errors is almost impossible. Sometimes, we misspelled certain words and we get confused about the grammar. Well, with the help of The Online Writing Lab also known as OWL, you can get it to help you with all of these minor problems by having resources for your spelling, grammar, and how your sentence might sounds. You can write a professional essay with the help of OWL. 

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