Different Options For Cement Available In The Market

Different Options For Cement Available In The Market

The binding material which is used in construction is cement, which makes a strong bond between the aggregates and materials together. It plays the role of cement binder, cement retarding agent, and retarding agent in construction material. As the world is developing and there is a lot of improvement in technology which makes quality and types of cement better for different construction purposes. There are many options of cement available in the market depending on its use for different purposes and quality of strength. Some of the important and major types of cement are:

  • The first type of cement is the hydraulic cement which is used to harden the material by hydration in the presence of water. The raw material to be used for the manufacturing of hydraulic cement should be burned at a very high temperature. Water is very necessary for the proper working of hydraulic cement and it makes it a water-resistant product.
  • The next type of cement that is available in the market is a non-hydraulic cement which does not require water for its working. Carbon dioxide present in the air is used by the hydraulic cement for hardening building material. Limestone, plasters, oxychloride, and gypsum are the raw material used for the manufacturing of non-hydraulic cement. Non-hydraulic cement requires dry conditions for its proper working.
  • Another type of cement that is available in the market is ordinary Portland cement and it is mostly used in usual construction work. Other than its use in general construction purposes it is also used in the masonry works. Ordinary Portland cement is a subtype of hydraulic cement which means that it hardens the material in the presence of water. The composition of this type of cement has clay, shale, limestone, chalk, and marl in different proportions.
  • The next option for the cement is Portland pozzolana cement that is available in the market for construction purposes. The major synthetic material present in Portland pozzolana cement is pozzolans that contain silica in reactive forms. This synthetic material reacts with calcium hydroxide to form other cementation materials. For the construction of structures present in marine water and near the seashore, Portland pozzolana cement is used. The other uses of Portland pozzolana cement are its use in decoration and art purposes because of its ability to give a better surface finish. The manufacturing of precast sewage pipes is also done by Portland pozzolana cement.

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