Disinfecting Your Office During Covid 19

Disinfecting Your Office During Covid 19

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes covid 19 has taken over lives and our businesses. Many of our favorite coffee businesses or clothing businesses had to close down as a result of the pandemic. Some because they could not keep their environment safe during covid 19, others because the pandemic dried up their entire revenue. There were various forms of difficulties and challenges faced by business owners during this pandemic. Overcoming the difficulties was certainly not easy and we may need a little guidance from others before continuing our business.

To conduct a business during the pandemic, owners and CEOs should ensure that their place of business is a safe environment for themselves, as well as for the employees. The issue of safety has taken on new relevance in the age where touching, sneezing, and coughing seem a little like a crime. Our germaphobia has deepened and we have a very acute awareness of how dirty our surrounding are. It is important that businesses owners take extra precautions to make their businesses place a safe and welcome place during the pandemic. Here are some things we can do to improve the disinfection of the business premise during the pandemic! 

Install A Public Handwashing Station 

Handwashing is hundred percent effective against the spread of the virus that causes Covid 19. Washing our hands must go on for a period of atleast 20 seconds to completely eliminate the virus from our hands. Close contact and touching is the reason why the virus is so prevalent. It was initially never found to be airborne, but simply carried on because of contact. Handwashing should be the norm in the office. There should be boards and notices placed around to motivate employees to frequently wash their hands 

Sanitization Kit For Every Work Station

Even though we are socially distancing ourselves in the office, we do need sanitization kits for every workstation. These kits can include Clorox wipes, maybe a sanitizer, and even a disinfection spray. Equipping all of your employees with the ability to protect themselves gives them confidence, reassurance, and even the motivation to adhere to the rules in the office. Prevention becomes easier with collective efforts. 

Sanitize The Office Frequently

Another effective method is to consistently and frequently sanitize the office. This includes cleaning off the doorknobs, the desktops, Computers, keyboards, and even the chairs, floors, keys, and things that people in the office frequently touch. Having these common places sanitized is protection for ourselves and others. 

Get The Aid Of High Technology For Extra Precautions 

High-technology gadgets like Dr.Clo sanitization stick and aerosol sprays and automatic sanitization, and cleaning gadgets may be highly effective in the work environment. Many AI implementations have taken place during the pandemic to ensure our safety in the workplace as well as our homes. 

Business owners should not take the ability to disinfect for granted and should do everything they can to keep their employees safe and protected. This si not only for their well-being but also for the well-being of the business. When your employees are unsafe, the business is also unsafe. 

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