Is Branding The Same As Marketing 

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Is Branding The Same As Marketing 

A little too often we tend to interchange the word marketing and branding when in reality these are two very different processes. What we do in marketing may seem like the same as branding to the outsider, but that’s where a good brand activation agency Malaysia can help you pinpoint the difference. Branding is not possible without your marketing strategy. And marketing is also incomplete without branding. The two are necessary for one another and the tools used in one are also used in the other. The Covid 19 pandemic has been a huge wakeup call to the differences between the two.

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Maybe the confusion is that people have no idea what marketing actually is. For a long time, people assumed that marketing is about selling. This is why we often expect our salesperson to also be our marketing assistant. In the same scope of misunderstanding, we expect th marketing agency to also be our branding agency. How can we achieve the individual goals of branding when your marketing head is the one also handling the visuals? 

Marketing is the process of creating value for your customer and making the process of buying a good environment. It involves developing a relationship with your customer through direct and indirect contact. The marketing tools we use to build a relationship is often needed in branding. For instance, social media and advertising on online mediums are often also part of branding. Branding is the discipline of creating visual components that promotes the unique selling proposition of the business and the differentiation point of the brand. A brand is simply what a customer perceives and feels. Branding is the process of making this feeling and perception come alive. 

A lot of the time we can control our marketing techniques but not as much as could control the branding. Even if we did everything by the textbook from A to Z brand authority is dependent on the customer and how they feel about you.  A business makes the overconfident mistake of believing that they have the authority over how a brand is perceived. The perception and image are influenced by how much of the brand is communicated with the help of marketing tools. There is no separation of marketing from branding. 

To make your marketing successful, you need to nail down your branding. Branding involves answering some really critical questions such as why you have your business in the first place. The “why” in the question decides how we will proceed to communicate with our customers. The branding also defines the values of your business. What are the important characteristics and values of the brand that defines who you are? With branding, there is some personality to the business that people can absolutely relate to. 

Once you have got your branding figured out, we can learn how to incorporate it into our marketing strategy. From all the brand elements such as logo, colors taglines, to the brand mantra, it is all part of the marketing strategy as well. A job well done with marketing allows your target customers to learn more about you as a brand. 

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