Do you want to change your office design?

kl glass partition installation

Do you want to change your office design?

Are you unsatisfied with your space? Especially when the design is not fit to your aesthetic anymore? Or perhaps changing the overall style of the workplace? Fear no more as Hufcor is here. Hufcor Inc is the top expert in Malaysia for operable partition walls and is guaranteed to leave you with high quality material and satisfaction.  

Hufcor Inc is the industry global leader and preferred choice and partner for the most installed brand of operable partitions in the world. Hufcor’s Operable Partition & Glasswall services offers the most adjustable sight and sound separation in the industry, the acoustic wall panel malaysia prefer, and allowing users to maximise the customer experience and space utilisation. From the world’s largest convention centres and entertainment arenas to schools, universities, restaurants, hotels, airports, Hufcor’s products can be found all over the world. Hufcor is more than just an industry-leading manufacturer; they are also consultants, designers, project managers, installers, service and support consultants for each and every customer. Hufcor aspires to be the most trustworthy partner and companion for architects, designers, contractors, and building owners all over the world.

Hufcor has been the top manufacturer for glass partition walls in Malaysia so it is undeniable that in kl glass partition installation choice, Hufcor would be the best pick for most of the companies in the city and chosen as Selangor Operable Wall System number one choice. 

Hufcor products consisted of operable partitions, operable glasswall and protective partitions. Under operable partitions, Hufcor has four products to pick which is the 7000 series, the 5000 series, Summit Vertical and HF Hybrid-Flex Series. The Hybrid-Flex series is a flexible design for multi use application and the 7000 series is recognised worldwide for design flexibility. As for the 5000 series, it has an operable partition with endless possibilities to choose from and the summit vertical is a partition that can be lifted for it to have more space and to accommodate the floor space. With an operable glasswall, Hufcor produces 3 choices for customers to choose which is the GF Series, the GL Series and 5000G Series. To differentiate between the 3 products, the Gf series is an acoustic glasswall, the Gl series is a frameless glasswall while 5000G series is an ultra acoustic glasswall with all three has a maximum clear view.

Protective partitions, which is a new product to help school and businesses, Hufcor offer 3 products of Freestanding, Cubicle and Roller.These protective partitions are portable, easy to clean, durable, eco friendly and easy to set up. Freestanding are intended to be used with the notion of instant barrier and easy to use partitions, Cubicle partitions are used for containment barriers and Roller partitions can instantly be rearranged for a fast and expandable barrier for users especially during the pandemic time of caution and safety. With all of these partitions offered by Hufcor, the operable wall system malaysia will expand to a new height of safety. 

Of course, the design of the partitions cannot be completed without the finishing touches of fabrics, laminates, glass, melamine, and other customs surfaces including the supplied materials by the customers. With these finished options available, one would say that Hufcor have indeed increased the overall rate of designing criteria in Malaysia. Just say the words and Hufcor will cater to your needs!

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