The List Of Dont’s For Influencer Marketing

The List Of Dont’s For Influencer Marketing

In 2021, influencer marketing is still growing. 

During the pandemic, we saw a spike in mobile and online marketing, for obvious reasons. One of the more impactful and resourceful strategies that paid many businesses back was influencer marketing. Influencer marketing can get expensive. It comes with its risks when you are giving the reigns of marketing your products to someone else.

But the most attractive thing about influencer marketing is, when done right, it amplifies and benefits even small businesses. MLM business software company can even befit from influencer marketing.  Influencer marketing is for every business and is proven to be effective. Brands are able to connect with audiences and target market without being intrusive and low-key stalkerish.

However, creating your own loyal fan base through Influencer marketing takes some fine-tuning. You have to avoid some of the very obvious wrong choices that a lot of businesses still continue to take. Here are some of them:

  • Drop the Vanity Measures of Success

Vanity measures refer to things that don’t indicate meaningful engagements such as the number of followers and number of likes. These things can be easily bought and they are as the name suggests, vanity measures. Your chosen influencer can have a huge follower base but with a very low engagement rate. How can you identify if the influencer is truly succeeding at connecting to their followers? The comments and the reshares. The comments must be of value and not as if it was created by an artificial bot. Meaningful engagement sparks conversations under the influencer’s post. 

  • Failing To Connect With The Influencer 

Are you and your chosen influencer on the same page? Are you in contact with the influencer and keeping a friendly and professional note? Even influencers are like business partners. They are helping with your business and gaining traction and exposure for your business in return for a fee. They are conducting a service for you and as a business, we should have a good relationship with our partners and stakeholders. The mutual partnership should be based on a clear set of rules, and expectations from both sides. Both sides should be ensuring that you are satisfying one another needs and providing measurable results. 

  • Doing Influencer Marketing Without A strategy 

Every marketing plan needs a clear strategy. What are the goals? What is the purpose? Ho to achieve the purpose? How many people do we need? What should Instagrammers say? What should be the expected end results? How much should you spend on influencer marketing? All of these are part of the strategy. Each part needs to be voiced out and well written as well. This helps everyone to stay focused and learn how to follow and measure the progression of the strategy and its success. 

  • Choosing An Influencer Outside of Your Niche

If your product is lingerie and pajamas, what would be your ideal influencer for the campaign? Perhaps a beauty guru. A fashionista. Maybe someone leading a body positivity movement. Options are endless but they should be within the very specific niche. You cant reach out to an influencer who endorses extreme sports and water sports for your lingerie business. Or you cannot expect a teenage influencer to market and endorse maternity clothing and baby clothes. 

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