Why A Student Should Be Happy An Internship Is Part Of The Graduation Requirements

Why A Student Should Be Happy An Internship Is Part Of The Graduation Requirements

Is the internship being part of the graduation requirement for university students just decided recently? Why does the education department decide on this? Though we can’t exactly say the reason behind this decision, a lot of parents are actually happy about this. Yes, they find this a big help to their graduating students, even those parents who plan to have their son or daughter just start a business. The job portal Kerija can help the students in a lot of way in preparing them to the real world with the many job opportunities available.

Some might assume that an internship is not really necessary. So, before one should think of that, check out below why this is actually important for every graduating student.

This is the chance of a student to apply what he learned in the classroom. The thing is, one might easily answer theory exams, but he can’t really be sure if he can apply what he knows in the real world. Through the internship that is required for every graduating student, that should be tested. He should be able to test himself as well if he is really ready to be out there in the real world.

Though this is not really guaranteed, a lot of interns are absorbed upon their graduation. That is if the company will find favour on how they deal with their work. This is why it is important for an intern to also show their best while they are still doing their internship, no matter if it is just temporary only and no matter if they are not paid. Though sometimes, there are also companies that offer compensations, of course, the amount will not be close to their real employees.

Through an internship, a graduating student who is still not sure what path to take after graduation might find answers at this time. Yes, it happens a lot of times when one is still having second thoughts when it comes to the kind of work he will venture later. But while working in the real world, he might discover his skills. He might also realize that what he used to favour is actually not good for him or he is not good on it. So, in a way, the internship, make him realize what he good at and what is purely assumptions.

One will get used to a working environment. When one is just still in school, he only has the teacher to obey. That is not the case with working management anymore. There will be a lot of rules to follow and time schedules will be stricter. At the same time, tasks will be harder and with strict timeframes. One can say that this will be a really serious training for the student. This will really prepare him for his future working place. Because of the internship, he will not be surprised by the rigorous system later on.

This should be a good experience. Most companies these days only allow applicants with experiences already and an internship can be considered as such. So, if a graduate will apply for work, he won’t have a hard time in this aspect, and it would even be better if he will apply in the same company as he already knew a lot of people.

If one will apply for an internship in another country like in Malaysia for example, one perk is that he will learn their language. Yes, and their culture as well which is quite an addon to his credentials.

An internship will teach a person to be professional. Gone are the times when one can just easily skip from class or arrive late. That will not be tolerated in a typical working environment. He will surely be summoned by the designated department is he will always be late in reporting to work.

Here’s a video showing how internships will help in career growth:

One can say that this can also generate character growth. One will become more mature in dealing with things. Instead of just being a student, he will feel now more responsible as he is now with the other coworkers. He will be more motivated to also keep up so that he can also be considered as one of the employees. This should be a good thing for him as even those who are not that serious about the internship will surely be challenged when putting in the midst of people who are working hard.

This can also be considered as one of the many opportunities for graduating students. If they will take advantage of this chance, this should open a new door for them as a preparation for their future. If they will play their cards right, they can end up at the good side of their temporary employer so that maybe, he can become their permanent one.

And lastly, this can also be a chance to learn how to get along with others. In a typical company, employees work together as a team so that a task will be concluded easily. This can help a company become more productive and being in the middle of it all, an intern can also learn how to be a team player.

Yes, without a doubt, an internship is included in the graduation requirements because it offers many benefits to the graduating students.

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